The 3 Jedi's Trading system featuring The Last Jedi Indicator.

This system will only work on Metatrader 4.0 so if you don't have a MT4 broker do not purchase. It will only work on one account. An Advanced Trading system based on various principles: Main Principle's of the system: 1. Short Term - Candle Direction chart 2. Medium Term - The Last Jedi top window 3. Long Term - Super Modified ADX bottom window

*When all are flowing the 3 Jedi's will all be the same color (see charts below).

About The Development
In development in 2011 for the entire year I have finally developed an accurate Non-Repainting Indicator. The Last Jedi is a medium term indicator that accurately predicts trend change. *note that in choppy markets signals will be harder to decipher but that s why there are other indicators. The Last Jedi also uses the standard MACD to buffer out weak signals but the signal itself is complicated formula.

The 3 Jedi's is a system I have been working on in total for 3 yrs - the last year was focused on the primary indicator The Last Jedi.

What is a non-repainting indicator and why is it so important? A non-repainting indicator will not change it's past bars to give deceptive signals. Many indicators will change their past bars to give the appearance and impression that the signal is always right. A newbie trader will then think by looking at the past results that the indicator was spot on when in fact it had repainted to look good. The Last Jedi Indicator will not repaint it's past bars (only the forming bar current bar will change because it's live data) . In other words while a bar is forming the bar may repaint but once formed the previous bars data will never change. The importance of this is that when you as a trader are setting up a trading strategy the past results will not fool you and thus you can finely tune your strategy.

In fact none of the indicators in The 3 Jedi's system will repaint their past results - only bars that are forming will ever repaint because the indicator is still calculating data on a live bar from live price data. It is a complete non-repainting system.

Purchasing terms:
This system is copyright protected. I have put much time into coding, testing, and fine tuning so it will only work on specific accounts though a template - you do not get the source code. Upon purchasing you will have to provide me with your metatrader account number and I can unlock the system for you.

What you get after purchase:
1. 4 .exe files of professionally coded work - no! you do not get the mt4 source files. Again mt4 files are not included. The only way to use is through a template. The template will put all the indicators on the chart but you will not get the source code files period.
2. template for The 3 Jedi's Trading System that will call your indicators on a chart. To use system you open the template - you can not manually add the indicators to a chart since the source code .mt4 is not included.
3. Simple Rules and Instructions for using the system. There are no guaranteed results. You are expected to form your own trading strategies but tips are provided as to when it is a good time to enter or exit. I feel that I have done my part as the developer - you should do your part as the trader.

Upon purchase you will receive these items through email attachment once you provide your metatrader account number. I have to unlock the indicators to work on your account so there will be a delay to do this and you have to provide the account number before this is done.

No Refunds! This is original work - if you purchase, receive the indicators, and ask for a refund -- it is the equivalent of stealing. System has been in development for 3 yrs and this is the latest version - not outdated work. You pay a price for quality and the quality is protected. Read carefully because once you purchase the sale is final and there's no way you wouldn't get something that is delivered through the email - so don't try to play that game.

Product 2 Modified Channel Indicator with 5th wave count:

Modified Channel Indicator - the 5th wave is a reversal point but you want to look for support before going long from the thick blue lines. 2 support lines are hit below which could be a valid long. It worked for a 1000 pip short call back on Nov. 16th using a daily chart. The above is a 4hr chart. As you can see where the 5th wave occured there was no support but there is now. It may fall lower still but without the blue lines you would not want to go long yet because there wasn't any support!
What you see above it what you will get! This is a couple of indicators I modified and used to call a top in Gold that resulted in nearly a 1000 pip move that I called on Novermber 16th 2011 (see orginal blog post - history doesn't lie). It is 1 indicator you will recieve through email attachment - includes both .mt4 file, the .exe. There's no need for a template - Just add to chart - easy to install. Works only in Metatrader 4.0. Can be used on Metatrader 4.0 Demo Accounts so you can chart with metatrader and trade with your live broker if you don't use a metatrader broker. Also you will get a free indicator I coded that shows an enlarged symbol of chart (for instance AUDUSD) and the timeframe. There are no refunds - all sales are final - what you see is what you get.

Do you need a Metatrader Programmer? My services are available! Email Me $25 down to start project $50 minimum. Just ask - your project might be a minimum charge - I'll give you an estimate. $25 is refundable if project can not be completed for some reason but if I send you the indicator / code there is no refund beyond that point. We can make an agreement before I start. Need an alert for an indicator?

Product 3 Must have trading tool. Draw your own trend alerts. This is a must have trading tool. You add it to any mt4 chart (ie AUDUSD, EURUSD, Crude oil ect) and 2 lines are drawn on the chart. You can move them to any position to set up trend and downtrend alerts. The lines can be changed on the fly at anytime. For traders that trade patterns or just to follow a trend it is indispensable. If the price goes above the upper trend line or below the lower trend line an alert with sound plus message box will fire. The alert will tell you which symbol and time-frame so if you following multiple charts you will know immediately which chart is firing the alert. The color of the trend lines can be changed as well with the sound file through the properties window of the indicator. I use this along with other indicators I have and draw them over the lines that those indicators make such as a trend channel. Unlike other alerts this can be made at any angle and the trend-lines extend into the future so unless the trend changes you don't have to labor over your chart. This tool has personally amplified my own trading experience. For the price you will easily get your moneys worth. Upon purchase you will receive both .exe and .mq4 files through email attachment to the email address you pay with. The mq4 contains the source - there are no refunds - it is what it is.
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